Everything To Plan For Your Adventure Tours and Camps

Going to summer camp can be an entertaining learning experience for adolescents. They can attend a traditional summer camp where they can choose their favorite activities (such as outdoor recreation, arts, and crafts) from a list and spend as much or as little time on each activity as they choose. Teens having a certain interest can join specialized camps that target their instruction on one activity.

Participating in an adventure tour for teens is perfect for high school aged students that are interested in traveling and adventure. Nevertheless, a true adventure camp provides more than common activities like rock climbing, high rope courses, kayaking or mountain biking. Adventure camps give teens once-in-a-lifetime chances to learn something unique and could involve touring different states or countries.

Some adventure camps include scuba diving certifications, marine biology expeditions, sailing and perhaps even expeditions to tops of glaciers. Predictably, these kinds of activities demand specialized gear, so this kind of summer camp is more costly than just a traditional summer camp. Common cost is about $1000 to $2000 a week, and might not include transportation cost back and forth from the beginning and ending points.

Due to the cost, registering for an adventure tour for teens is simply not for everyone. Furthermore, there might be language skill requirements if the group will be visiting an area where English isn’t largely spoken. As an example, a summer camp in several Latin American countries such as Costa Rica requires participants to get at least one year Spanish study.

Adventure camps last anywhere between a couple weeks to almost a month and may take individuals to other states or countries, dependent upon the concentration of the camp. For instance, an adventure camp conducted in Alaska may target activities such as kayaking, backpacking, glacier ice climbing and whitewater rafting. An adventure camp trip to Australia is definitely exciting and features activities such as scuba diving, surfing, an outback ranch stay, ATV’s and whitewater rafting.

Besides the adventure and travel element, an adventure tour for teens helps teens develop values like self-sufficiency, leadership, resilience, adaptability and cooperation. A few programs integrate community service activities that contribute to the environment and towns visited. For instance, students are able to do volunteer work in preservation parks such as tree planting, eliminating unpleasant plant types and collecting seeds.

Safety is essential to coordinators of adventure camps, so applicants are screened before they are allowed to enter the program. They are interviewed to determine their level of commitment to find out if the program is the correct summer camp choice for them and matches them together with an appropriate summer program (based on age group). Individuals are often given a packet that contains information such as a detailed clothing list, reading list, medical form, insurance form and participation agreement to help them prepare.

Students who wish to join an adventure tour for teens need to research the different programs around before making a decision. They should go to websites, make inquiries and obtain feedback and recommendations. Due to the cost and time investment involved, you should select an adventure camp so that you can reap maximum benefits.


Top 5 Risks Travellers Face in Adventure Travel

Sun basking on the beach with glass of cocktail in the hand may not be an ideal holiday style for everybody, thus a new form of holidaying – adventure sports holidays or adventure travel has become really popular. Adventure sports holidays are where travellers get an opportunity to try their hands at adrenal gushing and challenging activities such as mountain climbing, exploring caves, mountain biking, rafting, bungee jumping etc.

Because of its popularity, adventure travel coupled with adventure sports has become a part of the itinerary of almost all camping sites, resorts and hotels around the world that wish to provide their clients with something extra to do on their stay with there. Inclusion of adventure sports surely adds excitement and thrill to a traveller’s halt, but this comes with potential dangers which loom high on personal safety.

Top five risks involved in adventure travel are listed below:

1. All adventure activities and sports include dedicated gear, which is vital and should be used at all time while carrying out an activity. The gear is properly tested before use and almost all activities are carried out in a close observation of an instructor, whose main motive is to maintain your safety and make sure you adhere to all the safety requirements, but there can be a small chance that the safety equipment may fail. Therefore, safety is always an issue with adventure activities.

2. Mountain climbing can be a risky affair because as you travel uphill, the density of the oxygen in the air keeps decreasing which makes breathing difficult. If first aid is not administered, this can lead to chest pain and acute headaches, which if untreated, can lead to heart attack.

3. Mountain biking can be fun until cyclists try to do a little extra. Mountain bikers are at a risk of altitude sickness (as discussed in risk of mountain climbing above) and are also very prone to accidents because of the rough terrains selected for biking.

4. When you hit the water in a raft, you are always wearing a life jacket and are accompanied by an instructor. But the river current can flip you off the boat. Thus, while rafting you’re always at the risk of drowning or injuring yourself in the water.

5. Caving or cave exploration is one of the most thrilling adventure activities. Activity depends on the cave and how travellers negotiate squeezes, pitches, waters and rocks. Though caving has become safer with safety equipment but still travellers and adventurers are at risk of falling rocks, floods, falling, hypothermia and fatigue.

If you are a holiday maker seeking thrill in outdoor activities, you will run on the thin line of hope because there is a lot of risk involved, you could get seriously injured or worse, you could even end up losing your life. Therefore, it is also important to carry out adventure travel insurance or extreme activities travel insurance in case you’re planning to indulge in extreme sports. These insurance types can financially protect the whole family on the trip against various risks involved in adventure travel and extreme activities.


The Gunflint Trail – Where the Road Ends and Adventure Begins

One of the most eagerly stated things someone in Minnesota can say is “I just got back from the Gunflint Trail”. To be able to say this, tells your audience that you know what Minnesota is all about and you have an appetite for adventure.

The Gunflint Trail meanders 57 miles through Cook County and is officially marked as Cook County Highway 12. It starts in Grand Marais, MN (about 110 miles Northeast of Duluth on Highway 61) and ends at Saganaga Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe and Wilderness Area – near the Canadian Border. When you reach the end of the trail, you have traveled 57 miles on one of the most scenic highways in the country.

The Gunflint Trail began as a footpath to connect the inland lakes with Lake Superior.. Over time, this path was widened to a paved road that now hosts lodges and outfitters and provides access to numerous lakes and trails.

When most people think of the Gunflint Trail, they mainly think of staying at one of the great lodges in the area or canoeing in the Boundary Waters. Another option deserving more consideration is hiking. This area boasts many great hiking options.

There are trails to suit everyone’s abilities and interests. Some examples –

  • Eagle Mountain – Hike up to Minnesota’s highest point at 2,301 feet above sea level and enjoy incredible vistas of the Boundary Waters Canoe and Wilderness Area
  • Wild Flower Interpretive Hike – a mile hike along the Devil Track River displaying a variety of native and non-native wild flowers, trees, shrubs and grasses
  • Kimball Lake Fishing Trail – an easy 2 mile hike located just 11 miles up the Gunflint Trail that takes you to designated trout lake
  • Superior Hiking Trail – the Supeior Hiking Trail and the Gunflint Trail cross just a couple of miles outside of Grand Marais.
  • Border Route – 70 miles of moderate to difficult hiking through the BWCA. Many access point to the trail in the area.
  • Kekekabic Trail – the trailhead to this 37 mile long distance hike through the BWCAW is located 48 miles up the Gunflint Trail from Grand Marais

All of these just scratch the surface of the outdoor activities and hiking options in the Gunflint Trail area.


A Good Place For Travel And Vacation

Take a trip to Orland and enjoy the beautiful sand beaches and sceneries. Whether you are going to Orlando for business matters or for a holiday, you can be assured of having fun. When you get to Orlando, there are exorbitant hotels where you can spend your holiday. It all depends with your budget and the desire of hotel or vocational home you want. These hotels have all the facilities you need. They have swimming pools at the club houses, basketball courts and playgrounds for children. Vacation in Orlando is made complete with the availability of the classy vocational homes and hotels. If you are planning to travel with your family, then this is not a problem since the homes and hotels have rooms that can accommodate even two families under one roof.

Go out to Orlando and view the beautiful islands, when you are in the hotels or the vocational homes, you are assured of your safety. They have a gated community for your security. The hotel rooms are classy, they have granite counter tops and tile floors, and they are equipped with washers and dryers, kitchens and jetted tubs for the bathrooms. Relaxation and comfort is what you expect when you take a vacation in Orlando. The rooms have TV sets where you can relax and watch your favorite programmes.If you are a fun of playing the pool game. They offer a pool with a poolside bar where you can get drinks and snacks. These hotels offer free shuttle service to the theme world parks.

When you take a vacation in Orlando you can be assured of a memorable trip, the rooms have private furnished balconies where you relax and enjoy viewing the beautiful sceneries, they also have paddle ceiling fans. Every morning you are provided with a continental breakfast that includes coffee, bagels, cereals, fruits juices and milk giving you the chance to take whatever you want. If you want to travel with your kid, these should not be a problem since they offer suitable ambiance for your kid. There are hotels where you can get free accommodation for your kid as long as she is below twelve years old.

If your budget is a bit fixed, and you take a vacation in Orlando, there are hotels that offer free meals as long as you have paid for the accommodation. This way you can use the money for buying meals for other expenses of your trip. You should not miss the adventures of Orlando, all the amenities you need are in this hotels. If you need much more information on these hotels, through the different website there is much more elaborate information. If you want to book for accommodation, all the necessary information is also provided for you. Take a trip to Orlando and enjoy yourself now.


The Action and Adventure of Wildlife Tours In India

There are travelers who come to India wanting not one quiet moment. Not to mean that they want a packed schedule which includes plenty of sightseeing and traveling, but that they want to have enough to keep their senses racing. The perfect tour is India Wildlife Tours. This gives you enough and more to keep you on edge, and returning for more.

There are several wildlife parks and sanctuaries along the length and breadth of India. Some are filled with endangered species, while others have such a picturesque lay that they promise you a treat for the eyes. There are parks and sanctuaries in almost each state of India, and it is best to be able to take in diverse flavors to understand the magnificence of each.

In the south, the jungles are about humid tropical paradise. There is dense undergrowth that makes home for some of the most ferocious beasts, including some dreaded reptiles. If you are among the lucky few, you can have a ride through on elephant back. Periyar, Thekkady and Mudumalai are where some of the most renowned wildlife parks that are located here.

Travel northwards and you will reach the state of Rajasthan. The completely contrasting climate and unique geography gives rise to a different ambience and topography, which lends its own influence to the parks. This is where some of the most beautiful tigers in the country reside. To be able to enjoy wildlife in Rajasthan, you must truly be blessed. You can also see some buck, leopards and hyena. Travel through to Kumbalgarh, Kanha and Corbett to visit the oldest, most famed parks that have assumed legendary status.

The most unique sanctuary is in the state of Assam. You will find the rhino stare you in the face and the most exotic range of birds fly through in a flurry of color as you visit Kaziranga. Although more removed, a journey through to this location is much more than worth the while.

If you make a wildlife Tour India do not feel that the rustic lure and sunny spells will cause luxury to be compromised in any way. There is, in fact, opulence of another kind to be explored. Not just with encounters with majestic beasts, but also in the opportunity to stay in world class hotels and resorts which have been designed to work the theme to perfection. Quaint lodges, which recreate life in tents, stately resorts which are located along watering holes and prime sighting locations not only maximize chances of getting you close to the wild, but also unleash a new lease of thrill. Filled with every indulgence required to make this treat luxurious, you can feast on world cuisine from your porch as the animals come to get their fill.

Take a holiday to any of the wildlife parks in India and you will find an instant bond form. This is not just a holiday which can satisfy you, but one which inspires and motivates you come visiting again.


Retirement Travel and Relocations – Assess Your Geography

Geography is a big deal when we start to think about retirement. Most of us either want to travel or to live somewhere else–or both–once we leave work. There is great peril in making these decisions lightly, yet much of what we use to decide comes from a few vacation trips or someone else’s opinion of the value of going there.

Travel is an important way to learn. Living somewhere different is guaranteed to push you out of your ruts. But take the time to figure out what you really want before you buy the RV or put the for sale sign on your current home.

Take the time to be sure you’re going somewhere you really want to go. If all you plan to do is lie on the beach, it’s a whole lot simpler to go to Florida or San Diego, or even the shore of Lake Michigan in August, than to deal with the hassles of international travel.

Why do you want to go to this place? If you yearn to watch them run the bulls in Pamplona, you’re pretty much talking about a trip to Spain. But if you want to watch something exciting that involves large four-legged animals with horns, there are probably plenty of options closer to home.

Make sure you want to experience doing whatever you are going to do at that location before you commit to an expensive trip. You can zip line many different places. Is it important that you do it in Costa Rica? If so, fine. But at least ask yourself the question.

And the question is even MORE essential if you’re thinking of LIVING somewhere else. Unless you’ve been uniquely successful at not collecting possessions, getting all your “stuff” from here to there is a major undertaking. Just the cost to rent a U-Haul is enough to give you pause these days.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Moving costs money once you get to the new place, too–for everything from utility deposits to a new trash can. And the costs aren’t just financial. You will need to find a new doctor, tax person, hairdresser/barber, mechanic. You will need to figure out which grocery store is the best and where to buy your favorite version of coffee. This may be the best set of challenges you could ever hope to find, but take the time to confirm that likelihood before you start packing boxes.

The questions to ask are the same whether you’re looking at a permanent move or a significant travel adventure:

* What about this location makes me want to spend the time, money, and energy to be there?

* Is this location the best way to get that?

* Are there other ways to honor this need that would give me the same thing–or maybe even more–for less money, time, and energy?

* Is there any way to try this on a small scale before I commit to it in a major way? Do I need that?

Please don’t think I’m telling you this based on a few Caribbean cruises and downsizing from a house to a condo in the same community. I tend to deal in MAJOR geography–a 67-day cruise involving calls on five continents (missed South America and Antarctica) and a permanent move from the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies to the Pacific Northwest, for example.

There are many reasons to move. But there are also many pluses about where you are. Those tend to get lost in the romance of “going somewhere else” once you start to explore the possibility. Consider both sets of pluses in your decision-making. Know what’s important to you that makes you want to change your geography. But be honest with yourself–and your spouse or anyone who’s going to be part of it–about what you will be leaving behind. And about what you expect to achieve with the change.

A downturn makes you take a longer look before you spend money, so this is the perfect time to learn to do geography on purpose. Don’t just wander around so you can say you’ve been somewhere else. Choose your geography with a clear idea of what you want and how the new environment is going to be key in helping you get it.


Take Time Off to Travel and Plan With Satellite Internet

Those who have recently finished high school or college, or even those in need of a break from their current career have probably looked into the possibility of taking a year or two off to start travelling. Taking the time out of life to travel for a year or two can be a great way to grow as a person both spiritually and emotionally, and can help a person get back on track to stay focused once he or she gets back. Or, such an experience can help a person find a new path either speaking new languages, engaging in volunteer or humanitarian work, or even working overseas or abroad. There are a few things any person looking to begin such an adventure will need. It’s a good idea to begin with this checklist while in the planning phases of your big escape!

High Speed Internet. It’s a good idea to have internet access at all times when planning such a trip. If in the planning stages at home, it’s a good idea to switch to cable, DSL or satellite internet if you are currently using something slower like dialup. When you are overseas, it’s a good idea to either book into hotels or hostels with high speed internet or take your own laptop. Trying to figure out what to do in any given place after recently arriving can be tough, so make it easier on yourself with the help of services like satellite internet and the World Wide Web.

A Plan. While it may sound fun to take off and travel without any idea of what you’re doing, it’s good to have at least some sense of a plan, this way it will be easier to manage your funds. Perhaps the plan can be as vague as deciding on a continent and limiting yourself to going to locations only within those confines, or it can be a planned itinerary down to the day. Whichever way you go, be sure to check all entry requirements for places of interest before leaving, especially those that require special visas or vaccinations, and stay flexible. Nobody can stay exactly on schedule when travelling for more than a few days or so, so don’t expect perfection!

Funding. Whether burning off the last of your student loans, spending an inheritance, or finally cashing in that rainy day fund, it’s important to have a good idea of how much cash you have before getting started. It may be a good idea to but things like major plane tickets even before leaving to give your trip some structure and direction, and also to keep you out of trouble when you get into a predicament overseas and otherwise couldn’t get home! Start an online banking account and use that satellite internet broadband connection to keep track of your pennies. Consider the possibility of working overseas if funding is low, but try not to count on it too much. Think of any money made while out of the country as ‘bonus money,’ instead of something you need to survive, since work opportunities may be limited or hard to find depending on factors like the local economy, work permits and language barriers.


Camping – Fun And Adventure

Camping for most people means a tent and sleeping on a mat on the ground. If that doesn’t really appeal to you, then camping in an RV is what you need. It is the ultimate camping adventure.

RV’s come in many sizes and shapes. They start with campers that fit in the back of a pickup truck. These can have full kitchens, beds, a shower and toilet in them.

Next there are van conversions called Class B motorhomes that are basically a cargo van converted into a camping vehicle. These can have a raised roof for more head room. They also contain the same amenities as the truck camper.

Next up is the Class C motorhome. The front end looks like a pickup truck, but the similarity ends there. There is a sleeper extension over the cab and the back end looks like any motorhome you are probably familiar with. Basically a cargo box with windows, but much prettier. The Class C has all the amenities of home. A kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. You could live in a Class C.

The next step us is the Class A motorhome. This is roomiest of all motorized RVs. These motorhomes are like a mini one bedroom apartment. They are fully self contained. From the queen sized bed to the dinette that seats four people you find luxury. A refrigerator and stove are complimented by a microwave oven. You might even have an ice maker capable of making over 20 pounds of ice a day. Party ready!

If that weren’t enough choices, there are still the trailers. First is the travel trailer you can pull behind a larger sedan or SUV. Then the 5th wheel trailer that hooks into the back of a pickup truck. Both of these trailers are equally as luxuriant as the best motorhome. An advantage is they cost a lot less.

You can buy new or used. Whichever way you choose, you should do a lot of research on the internet first. Learn all you can about RVing. There are RV forums that you can find by doing a search in your favorite search engine.

When you decide that an RV might be for you, attend an RV show or two. There are major RV shows at fairgrounds and stadiums where many dealers and vendors are selling every type of RV there is. There are also local RV shows usually put on by one or two dealers to show and sell some of their inventory.

If you really are not sure you would like to spend $40,000 or $250,000 on a hobby you are not sure you would like, buy a used RV. You can get into RVing in a 34 foot used Class A motorhome for under $10,000.

The older and larger the motorhome the less fuel efficient it will be. You may get 5 to 7 miles per gallon on many older motorhomes. 7-9 mpg is realistic for mid 1990’s motorhomes and up to 12 miles a gallon on new ones.

Camping in an RV is a fun adventure awaiting you and your family.


Even A Small Slice Of Bangkok Offers Intense Fun and Adventure

The city of Bangkok is immense offering lavish accommodations, exciting night life, marvelous restaurants and unparalleled sightseeing opportunities. As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a bustling city with a population of 11,000,000. Although the weather is intensely hot, the traffic is highly congested and the city is shadowed by multiple skyscrapers, if you take the time to look carefully, you will find a lot of charm and culture in Bangkok.

Bangkok is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia, and it is well known for its risqué night life; however, long before it gained that reputation, it had a reputation for being home to the most beautiful palaces and temples, bustling markets and authentic canals on the continent.

Before 1782, Bangkok was only a little trading post beside the Chao Phraya River. Then Siam’s capital, Ayutthaya, was invaded and destroyed by the Burmese, and King Rama I decided to make Bangkok the capital. This step helped Bangkok to become the diplomatic, educational, cultural and spiritual center of Thailand. Today, Bangkok is also the political and commercial center of Thailand. An enormous and a modern city consisting of 50 districts and 154 sub-districts, Bangkok offers fantastic night life and marvelous daytime adventures to all who visit.

When you visit Bangkok, your first impression may be quite overwhelming. Because the city is barely 14° N of the equator, it is quite hot and tropical. Additionally, the incredibly busy fervor that marks Bangkok may seem overwhelming to travelers at first. Nonetheless, if you take your time to settle into your accommodations and rest up a bit, you will soon be won over by the irrepressible good cheer of Bangkok residents and the allure of many fascinating and enjoyable activities and interests available to you.

In order to make the most of your visit to Bangkok and avoid spending your vacation stuck in a traffic jam, be sure to learn about the transportation systems.

Transportation choices include:

1. The Airport rail link, which is the fastest way to get to your accommodations from the Airport.

2. The train operates from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM daily and rushes along at 100 miles an hour is a handy choice! You can choose between commuter trains and express trains. Trains run every 15 minutes to half hour, but you must be sure to double-check the destination before entering the train! There are many destination choices, and to quote Yogi Berra, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you may end up somewhere else!”

3. Public buses, minibuses and shuttles can be good choices; however, it’s important to note that some are seasonal and all are subject to traffic jams!

4. Private taxis and minibuses are generally affordable and somewhat quicker than their public counterparts because they proceed directly to your destination rather than making frequent stops; however, they are also subject to traffic jams.

5. Limousine taxis booked in advance cost a bit more and are quite a bit more luxurious. Travelers are cautioned to avoid limousine taxis that are queued up in front of hotels and other popular tourist areas. The drivers of these taxis who simply wait for fares rather than booking in advance are known to be unscrupulous and will take advantage of hapless tourists.

You don’t have to go far to have a marvelous time in Bangkok! Just strolling around the city is an adventure for the senses! Enjoy lush flowers in bloom. Marvel at the fabulous architecture! Explore colorful bazaars and markets! Sample spicy local foods! Engage in fascinating people-watching ranging from colorful ladies of the night to monks in saffron robes.

As you become used to the fast pace of life in Bangkok, the events of each day will begin to fall into place and you will delight in the realization of just how safe, friendly and welcoming Bangkok really is. Bangkok is a fabulous feast of sight, scent, touch, taste and sound!


Exciting Sicily Excursions and Adventures!

There are Sicily day trips to please every taste. Apart from the breathtaking scenery and the lure of the Mediterranean Sea, your Sicily holiday can offer many exciting things to do, many of which the average tourist may not have thought of. For example, your Sicilian vacation could include a boat tour around the Aeolian Islands, a visit to a local winery, a mud bath in Vulcano, visits to historical, classic ruins to capture a bit of the famed history of the island, or even mountain skiing down the Mount Etna volcano.

The Aeolian Islands are an archipelago of eight islands with volcanoes and gorgeous natural beauty. A boat cruise around the islands is full of breathtaking vistas from atop the turquoise Mediterranean waters engulfing sights not to be missed.

A bit of a more unusual experience would be taking a mud bath in Vulcano, one of the Aeolian Islands located 10 minutes from Lipari. The Laghetto di Fanghi mud baths are famous for their relaxing and therapeutic qualities (even if it is a little smelly). Afterwards a soak in the sea where underwater springs create a natural hot Jacuzzi is recommended for the ultimate in relaxation.

From Taormina a definite must is a day trip is a tour within the city. The day trip includes a visit to the Greco-Roman Theatre, an impressive piece of Roman architecture, and tours around the public gardens. The trip continues along the coastline and up to the majestic pyramid of Mount Etna which presents scenes of indescribable beauty. The

The tourist can also take a tour inland to visit the country-side-the famous Godfather country. Here the peaceful atmosphere is set against stunning mountain views looking out over the distant sea.

A visit to a local winery accompanied by a Sicilian cooking lesson also makes a great day trip for the tourist looking for something different.

Examples of other tours the tourist may enjoy include: In Trapani, the “Myth, History and Ancient Cookies: Erice and Segesta” tour, which is a full day private tour to learn about the history of Sicily, view a Greek temple and theatre, and sample the almond cookies and marzipan from ancient recipes; the “Alcantara Gorge and Fancavilla” tour, which is a private tour along the gorge to witness how the lava flows affected the river creating the impressive gorges and ravines and where the tourist can rent hip-waders to get the full river experience; there is also the “Messina Taormina Jewish Tour” where visitors can see the Jewish quarter in the city of Messina.

The traveler has many options on how to see Sicily, depending upon how active or adventurous they want to be. They can sit back in luxury and cruise around the island by boat (also visiting the Aeolian Islands) or they can sit back in a private rented car with an English-speaking guide. They can traverse the mountain summit by hiking it, or they can cycle around the island by renting bicycles. They can get escorted bus tours or take walking excursion around the cities making their own discoveries. They can go in groups or be privately escorted. They can ski, swim, hike, walk, or ride-whatever suits their pleasure.

From historical tours to see the Sicilian history come to life, to exciting adventure tours hiking up an active volcano, Sicily offers the tourist an abundance of things to see and do. Beautiful scenery, fun beach vacations, the country-side, the market-places, fantastic food and wine excursions, ancient architecture, exploring marvels like volcanoes, experiencing healthful mud baths-all will award the traveler with a great Sicily holiday.