The Action and Adventure of Wildlife Tours In India

There are travelers who come to India wanting not one quiet moment. Not to mean that they want a packed schedule which includes plenty of sightseeing and traveling, but that they want to have enough to keep their senses racing. The perfect tour is India Wildlife Tours. This gives you enough and more to keep you on edge, and returning for more.

There are several wildlife parks and sanctuaries along the length and breadth of India. Some are filled with endangered species, while others have such a picturesque lay that they promise you a treat for the eyes. There are parks and sanctuaries in almost each state of India, and it is best to be able to take in diverse flavors to understand the magnificence of each.

In the south, the jungles are about humid tropical paradise. There is dense undergrowth that makes home for some of the most ferocious beasts, including some dreaded reptiles. If you are among the lucky few, you can have a ride through on elephant back. Periyar, Thekkady and Mudumalai are where some of the most renowned wildlife parks that are located here.

Travel northwards and you will reach the state of Rajasthan. The completely contrasting climate and unique geography gives rise to a different ambience and topography, which lends its own influence to the parks. This is where some of the most beautiful tigers in the country reside. To be able to enjoy wildlife in Rajasthan, you must truly be blessed. You can also see some buck, leopards and hyena. Travel through to Kumbalgarh, Kanha and Corbett to visit the oldest, most famed parks that have assumed legendary status.

The most unique sanctuary is in the state of Assam. You will find the rhino stare you in the face and the most exotic range of birds fly through in a flurry of color as you visit Kaziranga. Although more removed, a journey through to this location is much more than worth the while.

If you make a wildlife Tour India do not feel that the rustic lure and sunny spells will cause luxury to be compromised in any way. There is, in fact, opulence of another kind to be explored. Not just with encounters with majestic beasts, but also in the opportunity to stay in world class hotels and resorts which have been designed to work the theme to perfection. Quaint lodges, which recreate life in tents, stately resorts which are located along watering holes and prime sighting locations not only maximize chances of getting you close to the wild, but also unleash a new lease of thrill. Filled with every indulgence required to make this treat luxurious, you can feast on world cuisine from your porch as the animals come to get their fill.

Take a holiday to any of the wildlife parks in India and you will find an instant bond form. This is not just a holiday which can satisfy you, but one which inspires and motivates you come visiting again.